Bereavement and Sympathy Gifts

Bereavement and Sympathy Gifts

Bereavement Gifts, Sympathy Gifts

Glass Tears for the Bereaved

Sympathy Gifts, Memorial Gifts

Sympathy gifts, Grieving Gifts
Key Chains for the grieving

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Bereavement and Sympathy Gifts


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Sympathy Jewelry and Gifts
When tragedy strikes, people are at a loss of words. Bereavement and Sympathy Gifts brings a collection of memorial and condolence gifts that will be cherished for years to come.
Our goal is to provide Bereavement, condolence, memorial and Sympathy Gifts for those in need, offering lasting words of encouragement or expressing your heart felt support with jewelry, a memorial gift, a figurine or just a gift that says “I CARE”.
Minister to the heart and offer comfort in a time of sorrow with a gift that says more than flowers ever could.
Even when you can’t be there…your thoughtful gift shows you care.

Memory Gifts and Sympathy Gifts

At Bereavement and Sympathy Gifts, we understand it is difficult to find a unique bereavement or sympathy gift for someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Words of sympathy do not come easily and comforting bereavement and sympathy gifts are hard to find.
Flowers wilt and die, then they are thrown away and flowers is what most people send. Here you are going to find special bereavement and sympathy gifts that will be cherished for years to come as well as appreciated.

Healing Tool & Keepsake

Supports you through the grieving process
* Validates your feelings
* Powerful consoler & grounding point when overwhelmed
* Assists in acceptance
* Encourages positive goal setting
* Gives you a voice to gracefully share you are grieving

* Brings connectivity and support
This necklace is amazing. Wear your heart on your sleeve .
Mourning Expessions, Grieving Jewelry

Glass Tear drop necklace, sympathy giftsOur Glass Tears Necklace is a clear, single pendant with a silver jump ring, on an 18" sterling silver chain.

This is a very popular sympathy gift for women and young ladies at a time of loss.

Each teardrop is glass blown and each have their own identity. No two are alike.

The clear one portrays the color of shirt you are wearing. I love mine!